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Nadipathy Height Treatment

Nadipathy® An Ancient Traditional Indian System for the Height.
There are number of methods to get the Height in many systems however our Nadipathy is using Ancient Indian Traditional Therapeutic Techniques that would increase the height of the boy/girl without any surgeries but simple therapies.
Based on the Nadipathy Research Foundation’s extensive research and implementation of these mentioned techniques would help many teenage children around the world to get the desired height.

► Best Age::
The Best Age for this treatment is in between 14*-21
For the Girls 14* to 18* and for the Boys 14-21
Treatment at an early age is a good decision for the children under 14*.
*Below 19 years of age the Boy/Girl must bring their parents’ permission of No objection letter duly signed.
~After crossing the 21 age the treatment can be done but the chances of Height growth are less and it may be less than 2 to 3 cms.

► Number of Treatments
To achieve the perfect height in this age the Girl/Boy should go under NadipathyTherapeutic Treatment in Kakinada, Andhrapradesh, India and Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
·         First 4 Treatments
The Boy/ Girls should attend first 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.
·         After 3 months 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.
·         After 6 months 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.
·         After 9 months 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.
·         After 1 Year after 6 months 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.

► Note
Those who cannot come for the treatment mentioned above can at least come twice a year to get the good height growth.
Total treatment sittings would be 16 per year and we do charge Only for First sittings only. Remaining sittings throughout the year are Free of cost and after a Year again you should have to pay.

► Details You Must Send For the Treatment
Before you come for the Height Treatment, you have to send the details (given below) without fail. This would assess us to know your FRAME of your personality wherein we can let you know the possibility of increase the height.
·         Your recent Full picture
·         Your Age ,Sex and present height
·         Parent’s Height and their Ages
·         Brothers /sisters height with their ages.
·         Your profession?
·         Present physical exercise( If any )

► Accommodation
Accommodation is provided based on the prior appointment and subject to the availability of the rooms. A room charge per day costs INR.200/ to INR.300 Food is not provided.
► Special Concession
For those who are aspiring for the Indian security professionals like for the Defence, Police and other Border Security Forces, Nadipathy is taking a privilege to treat with a special concession for the Country. For the sittings and other concessions please carry your particular details and show us please.
►Testimonials and Conditions
Nadipathy Research Foundation would take all your treatment and testimonials, in terms of videos, Photos and other necessary for the research purpose and publishing (Only Treatment pictures/videos) .This would give us record evidence in future. Subject to the above conditions the treatment would begin If He / She agree these terms.
A few of our testimonials


►Treatment Duration and timings
Every Monday to Friday Doctor will be in Kakinada, AndhraPradesh, India
·         Every Saturday and Sunday Doctor will be in Hyderabad, Telangana, India  
·         Timings 6 AM - 6 PM.
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Height Increasing Factors:

These Factors are naturally and easily available and play a key role in Increasing Height.
·         Immunity
·         Stress Free
·         Exposure to Sun light
·         Genetic Factors
·         Balanced Diet
·         Nutritional Food

6 cm Height growth in 4 Treatments in Nadipathy Tv News

Height Growth increase || హైట్ పెరగడం సాధ్యమా ||సాధ్యమే అంటున్నారు నాడిపతి వైద్యులు

Height Growth increase || హైట్ పెరగడం సాధ్యమా ||సాధ్యమే అంటున్నారు నాడిపతి వైద్యులు

Height Growth Treatment in Nadipathy , TV News

10 cms height incresed in 1 year (3 treatments) with Nadipathy treatment , Nadipathy tv news Channel